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Birth:         Matera (Italy) 8/3/1964


Studies:    Conservatoire 'E.R.Duni', Matera, prof.s Mario Giannotti e Rosa

                  Martemucci (flute), Michele Lomuto (winds ensemble)

                  University of Bologna: Musicology.

                  Geneviéve Yans Barboni, Imaculada Pacheco and Yva Barthélémy (singing).
                  University of Evry-Val-d'Essonne, Paris : PhD in Arts and Musique, with the thesis Communication                     et Interaction dans la Musique de Chambre.  L’exemple de l’oeuvre ouverte dans la musique contemporaine                       anglo-saxonne, prof.s Jean-Pierre Armengaud and André Lischké.


Specialization: with Marianne Eckstein (flute) 1984/90

                  Master classes: D. Giordano 1979, A. Nicolet 1990 e 1993 (flute)

                  F. Ferrari 1986, H. Schellenberger 1992 (orchestra and wind


                  Vinko Globokar 1991 (contemporary music)

                  Alvise Vidolin 1992 (electronic music)

                  Annette Sachs 1987 and Georges Aperghis 1999 (contemporary 

                  musical theatre)

                  1993: obtain from A. Nicolet a scholarship for the Accademia

                  Chigiana in Siena.

                  Attends several Music didactic courses organized from S.I.E.M.

                  (Italian Society for Music Education)


Teaching1982: Matera, Scuola Popolare di Musica 'Bela Bartok', Music Theory

                  and Flute.

                  1985: obtains the national  teacher's diploma for Music Education in the  
                  preparatory schools.                      
                  1993: obtains the national  teacher's diploma for Music Education in the
                  secondary schools.                           
                 1994: obtains the national  teacher's diploma for Chamber Music in the Conservatoires.  
                 1993/01: Conservatório Regional de Ponta Delgada (Azores

                  Islands-Portugal); Flute, Chamber Music and History of Music

                  University os Azores, Science od Education Departament, Musical

                  Expression (1994 e 2001).

                  Feb. 1994: flute master class, Conservatório de Angra do

                  Heroismo (Portugal).

                  1997: seminar 'New notations in contemporary music', A.P.E.M.

                  (Portuguese Association for Musical Education), Lisbon.

                  1999: master class 'Interpretation in contemporary music' 

                  Conservatório de Ponta Delgada.

                  2001/03: Conservatorio 'A.Corelli', Messina.(Italy), Chamber


                  2002/03: Conservatorio 'A.Corelli' Creative Improvisation Laboratorium

                  sep. 2003: 'Creative performances in contemporary music. New sounds, new           

                  notations, new competences' teachers seminar for 'Progetto Suono' association and 

                  Education Science department of Messina University.

                  2003/2004: works with the actress Clelia Sedda for a music and theatre laboratorium

                  for the preparatory school of Siniscola.Nuoro (Italy)

                  from 2003: Conservatorio "G.P.da Palestrina", Cagliari (Italy), Chamber Music

                  13/16 june 2011: workshop «Partiture grafiche e notazioni dissidenti» about the contemporary
                  music notations and graphics scores.


Prominent Professional Work:
2016 : concerts of free improvisation : Festival MIA - Atoguia da Baleia (Portugal), 4/5/6 may ; SOLO impromtissimo at Tiasci (Paris) 31 may; Festival TempoAlTempo - Bruxelles, 13/16 october : Improring, Spazio Arka Assemini (Italy), 19 june et 28 october ; with the London Improvisers Orchestra, Londres 4 september.
Collaboration as a singer with the composer Stefano Bassanese for a new piece for Radio France.
Nella pancia di Tera, interprettion collective of the grafic score Communication by Tera De Marez Oyens, with the dancers F. Massa and D. Cabras and the clarinet player F.R.Motzo, Festival SpazioDanza (Cagliari - Italy), Festival Signal (Cagliari), DID Studio (Milan).
She starts the roof-recording projet Regarde autour de(s) toi(ts), Molenbeek-Brussels 9/10 october.
2014 : she collaborates with the american composer Tom Johnson and the Ensemble Dedalus for the creation of Counting to seven and Intervals during an artistic residence at La Métive (Moutier d'Ahun, France) also performed in Paris (La Générale), at the Festival "Sonorités" in Montpellier (France), at New York (Roulette and Emily Harvey Foundation), Middle Town (Vesleyan University) e Boston (Church of the Advent). With Silvia Corda at the piano she creates Music for upcoming spring with musics by D.Lang, E.Brown, M.Feldman, M.Constant). She collaborates with the franch thater company Grand Magasin  for Inventer des nouvelles erreurs created for the "Festival d'Automne" in Paris and in tournée in France, Switzerland and Belgium during the 2015/2016 seasons.
2013 : created the performance Sussurrami on the Cahiers de mots by Erica Zíngano for the Loligo days (Morangis-Parigi), also performed in Arcueil-Parigi for the installation Surtout des vagues/Sobretudo ondas by artists Sofi Hémon and Erica Zíngano and for the Festival Da dove sto chiamando in Cagliari. Collaboration with the association Déli-Démo in Paris for poetry performances.
2012: collaboration with Clelia Sedda and Candace Smith for the production of the videoclip Rametti dedicated to John Cage, where she interpretates Solo n. 53 from Songbooks.
Interpretates ?Corporel by Vinko Globokar in the short film Quand le regard vivant qui se pose sur lui... by Valérie Brégaint - Gabriola Productions, Paris.

Collaboration with the group of experimental music Sottosuono in Alter Aegua, performance about water, created during an artistic residency for the festival Signal-Cantieri in Sadali (Sardinia. Italy).
2011: creates In un’aria diversa, about Hildegarde von Bingen, with the pianist Silvia Corda and the dancer Carla Onni.
Creates Souffle, performance en solo, Benedictine Abbey os San Michele Arcangelo Montescaglioso (Italy)
and for « S’incungia », Sadali (Sardegna) Italy.

Creates for the first time in Italy Conversations de G. Aperghis, with Françoise Rivalland, Alessandro Olla e
Manuel Carreras, for the SpazioMusica festival, Cagliari (Italy).
Creates Le Souffle sous la peau, performance en solo for the sculpture exibition of de Valérie Novello works
in the Orangerie de Cachan (Paris)

2010: february, artistic residence in the Oficinas do Convento, Montemor-O-Novo (Portugal) for the creation of the performance MúrmuRio with Alessandro Olla et Eduardo Sérgio.

Participation to the VIIIth edition of «Il Bosco in concerto», itinerant performance in the mountains near Messina (Italy).
Participates to the creation of Aleph, performance of music, dance and theatre, Modolo (Sassari-Italy).

Collaboration to the création of All’ombra di un cipresso, performance in the cemetery of Iglesias (Cagliari-Italy), with Maurizio Saiu.
Recording os Sergio Salvaneschi works for the label Preludio.

 2009 : different performances of Song books em Palermo and Torino.

VIIédition de «Il Bosco in concerto», Messine.

Partecipates in the realization of the film « Six Memos », musical, dancing and theatrical interpretation of «Six memos for the next millennium» by Italo Calvino, realized by Daniele Ledda.

2008 : partecipates in the VIe édition of « Il Bosco in concerto » in Messina.

Collaborates in the performance of  Der Gelbe Klang , by V. Kandinskij, Conservatoire « G.P. da Palestrina », Cagliari.

Creates, with the dancers Tama Kettar and Francesca Massa, a performance of Song Books, by John Cage, Barcelona-Festival LEM, Cagliari-Festival Signal et  Açores-Festival Música Açores II.

Actress and flutist in the performance «Toccati dal Fuoco » about the madness of Vaclav Nijinsky, Villa Mimosa, Sassari (Italie).

2007: partecipates in the female music happening  Suonodonne Italia, Milano, Swiss Cultural Centre.

 Playing a concert of Sergio Salvaneschi works for the Association "Amici della casa Verdi", Milano.

 Partecipates, with the "Modular Ensemble"  in the Festival "Signal-Advanced Music and  cross-media art festival", a Quartucciu (Cagliari).

 Collabores as first flute with the 'Orchestra Euromediterranea' in Cagliari.

 Partecipates, with Paolo Fresu, to the fifth edition of "Il Bosco in Concerto" , Messina.

Sings in the vocal group 'Ricercare', also as soloist, in the Festival Spazio Musica, Cagliari.

2006: creates ...à la suite concert for a flutist, with baroque and contemporary works for the festival  Palermo 2006 organized by the Sicilian Baroque orchestra.

 Creates with C. Smith a concert for flute and voice with medieval and contemporary music for the XXIII Ancient Music festival organized by 'Amici della Musica' in Cagliari.

 Creates the third version of Souffle for the festival 'Spazio Musica' in Cagliari.

 2005: creates the concert-performance La flûte est un oiseau rebelle in Ponta Delgada (Portugal).

 Partecipates to Nora Sonora musical installation in the archeological site of Nora, near Cagliari, realized by Alvin Curran.

 Join  several performances of  Drumming  by Steve Reich, with David Cossin and the Percussionist of Cagliari Conservatoire.

Partcipates in the Spazio Musica, contemporary festival in Cagliari with a Conservatoire,

2004: invitated with Paolo Fresu and the 'Laboratorio Suono e ritmo' in the sound track of Trilogia del bosco in Messina.

Collabores in the theatrical performance of Frammenti di Carta, Suoni e Parole dalle Troiane di Euripide with G. La Maestra, A. Tripodo and C.Panarello.

Sequenze contemporary music performance with images in collaboration with M. Lomuto, Matera festival Duni.       

2003: participates with G. La Maestra, A. Tripodo and C. Panarello in the creation of Cantu di notti by G. La Maestra (Messina and Verona).

Playing works by sardinian composers fos Festival SpazioMusica (Cagliari)

2002: creating and interpretating Souffle II, for the Musical Season 2002 Azores Islands (Portugal)

1995/2001 principal flute of the Orquestra 'S. José', Ponta Delgada (Portugal)

2001 with Giro/Pirouette duo partecipates in the V Tournoi de Improvisation Musicale, Poitiers (France).

1999-2003: creates, with Eduardo Sèrgio 'Giro-Pirouette' duo producing the following  musical and theatre performances:

 Girouette Pirouette, Institut Français, Praha (Tcheque Rep.)

 Mer glu lho: Música para um Aquário Imáginario (Ponta Delgada--Portugal)

A Ingenuidade no Elogio de Almada Negreiros conference-performance, Azores University.  Lactatio Mystica, dismissed factory Unileite, Ponta Delgada

 La Suggestion Post-Hipnotique et Vexations Academia das Artes, Ponta Delgada

 Concavo & Convesso S. Pietro Barisano, Matera (Italy)

 L'Arte della menzogna politica di J. Swift  Messina (con G. La Maestra e A. Tripodo)

1988: presents the concerts of the Festival Internacional de Música dos Açores 1997, for television broadcast (RTP-A).

1997: with the 'Rubbatto Mobile Ensemble' to the III Tournoi de Improvisation Musical, Poitiers (France).

1996/99: records several music programs and music tracks for portuguese television RTP-A.

1996: joins the  'Rubbatto Mobile Ensemble', musical theatre e improvisation group, Azores Islands  (Portugal)

1992/1995 creating and interpretating several performances for painting and sculpture expositions vernissages ('Ars Nova', Mirandola-Mo, Galeria Arco8, Ponta Delgada-Portugal and 'Papel& Companhia',  Lisbon).

1989/1993 several performances based on '20-'40's songs, rivisitated in an ironical key, with C. Smith, G. Guardabasso e G. Degli Esposti; (arranging the music too).

1994: creates and performs the first version of Souffle, contemporary music performance, playing all the flutes family, singing and acting, Academia das Artes, Ponta Delgada;

Partecipates to the first performance of La Leggenda del Vecchio Marinaio by Roberto Beccaceci, Ancona.

1993: performance dedicated to Vittorio Gelmetti and second edition of

MiniMus Festival, Teatro delle Moline, Bologna.

Broadcasting recordings  (RAI Radio 3) of some Riccardo Dapelo music.

1992: artistic director, with C. Smith, of MiniMus festival, Teatro delle Moline, Bologna.

1991: recording Paolo Fresu and Furio Di Castri music for OWL Records, Paris;

Concerts with the flute quartet 'Quadriphonia'.

Creating ed interpretating with C. Smith Deux stèles orientées, performance for voice and flute only with XX century music.

1990: creates, with C. Smith, 'Selenikos-ensemble per la musica contemporanea' interpretating several times Pierrot Lunaire by A.Schoenberg, during the performance Pierrot ed altri lunatici with Gino Paccagnella.

Assistent of Paolo Fresu on the seminar 'Musica e Immagine', Bologna University.

1989: plays in the Orchestra della Provincia di Matera.

Partecipating to the production of  La Ballata d' Amore e Mortedell' Alfiere Cristoph Rilke by S. Matthus playing in the Orchestra del Laboratorio Lirico del Teatro di Alessandria (Itay), for RAI Radio 3.

1988: starting a long collaboration with the the american singer Candace Smith
with An American Music Machine (teatro Pigmalione-Bologna).

 First flute in the Orchestra Giovanile Lucana and in the Orchestra delle Donne di Bologna.

 Collaboration with the poetise Gina Labriola in music and poetry performances.

1987: in the youth orchestra 'F.Ferrara' (Bisceglie-Bari)

1985/86: in the Orchestra del Teatro di Budrio e della Provincia di Bologna.

Broadcasting records for RAI 3 Basilicata.

1984 with the Euterpe group (baroque music)

1982 and '83: as soloist with the Orchestra da Camera di Bari (Italy)


Other:        Singing in several vocal groups:

                  - 'Collegium Musicum' of Bologna University (playing in the  

                   orchestra too): Cantiere Internazionale d' Arte di

                   Montepulciano 1991 and first performance of Klage by

                   Alessando Solbiati, Paris and Bologna  1993;

                   - 'Tens Clar' group, Bologna: Spesso il male di vivere ho

                   incontrato by Giovanna Marini, commisionated for the

                   MiniMus festival, Bologna 1993.

                   - 'Ensemble Ricercare' in Cagliari (from 2007)


                   Collaborates in music therapy sessions for drugs addicteds,  

                   USL 27 (National Health Service),  Bologna 1993


                   Join the redactors group of XVII century volume of the 'Storia

                   Multimediale della Cultura Europea' on CD-Rom, directed by

                   Umberto Eco (1994).


                   Join the jury of the IV edition of 'Concurso Nacional da Juventude

                   Musical Portuguesa' (Ponta Delgada 1995).


                   From 2006 she is principal flute of the orchestra 'Santa Maria dei Fiori'

                   in the canton Ticino (Italian Swiss) and of the Euromediterranea Orchestra (Sardinia).


She works as musician or actress and sometimes writers, in several theatre performances.





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