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In search of a fertile country


In his essay, “Le pays fertile: Paul Klee”, Pierre Boulez takes up the lively debate concerning the synesthetic experiences which have characterized the entire 20th century. He reflects on the “dilemma” of the composer when faced with the possible interactions and representations in art of the concepts of space and time. Are the two notions comparable in music and painting?

Can the ear and the eye grasp the structures that convey similar sensations and emotions?

Can an image evoke a sound, and vice versa?

The dilemma remains unsolved, but the seductive convergence of diverse senses in the fruition of art continues to produce countless works and words about art.


After having had the experience of executing various graphic scores, from Earl Brown to John Cage to Mauricio Kagel, the gaze of a musician almost instinctively seeks the connection between the graphic sign and its representation through sounds.

Or such a musician certainly feels that the search for a nucleus common to a gesture in a painting or sculpture and to a gesture in music is dense and heralds fascinating artistic developments which, though subjective, doubtlessly stimulate creation.


Alessandra Giura Longo dedicates a part of her activities to the invention of miniature performances for vernissages at contemporary art galleries. She creates, on the basis of the works exhibited and often in collaboration with the artist, a musical and/or theatrical journey that sheds a different light on the works themselves and suggests multiple possibilities of interpretation.

In these performances, she calls upon her concept of music making in its totality, each time making different choices as an interpreter of works of classical or contemporary repertoires or even as an improviser on flutes and her voice.


From the translation in sounds of the painting “Dona somiant l’evasion” by Joan Miró (in Souffle II), to the close collaboration with the Galeria Arco8 in Ponta Delgada (Azores, Portugal); from the Teatro delle Moline of Bologna to the art exhibitions in the Ars Nova series in Mirandola (Modena); from the  art vernissages in Italy and Lisbon to Prague or Paris, her experiences in this field are various and multifaceted.


Any galleries interested in arranging a performance for a vernissage or exhibition should contact

Alessandra Giura Longo via e-mail at this address:

[email protected]



a. papel & companhia, lisbona 1995, mostra di C. Choffey .jpg

 for christine choffey in lisbon 

b. papel & companhia, lisbona.jpg

 for christine choffey in lisbon   

souffle cachan 5.tiff

for valérie novello in cachan-paris

souffle cachan 11.tiff

for valérie novello in cachan-paris

souffle cachan6.tiff

for valérie novello in cachan-paris