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alessandra giura longo

alessandra giura longo

Flutist, singer and performer of contemporary musical theater, Alessandra has lived, studied and worked in Matera (where she was born), Bologna, Ponta Delgada (Azores), and Messina (Sicily). She currently divides her time between Cagliari (Sardinia), where she teaches chamber music at the conservatory, and Paris.

Her journey of understanding and love for music has led her to seek out the teachers and musicians Marianne Eckstein, Michele Lomuto, Hansjorg Schellenberger, Auréle Nicolet, Vinko Globokar and Georges Aperghis. Other encounters include the music of Stravinsky, Chopin, Luciano Berio, Bach and Ravel, the operas of Mozart and the chamber music of Brahms, Satie, jazz, sixteenth-century polyphony and the literature of the twentieth century, the poetry of Emily Dickinson and the impressionists, singing, improvisation, theater, space, the flight of birds, silence and the Atlantic Ocean.

Her musical experiences range from playing as a soloist to orchestras, chamber ensembles and vocal groups. This exploration of the expressive and creative possibilities of making music in all directions has taken her to repertoires ranging from the middle ages to the present day, while focusing particularly on the performance and interpretation of twentieth-century music and improvisation.

She has collaborated with others artists to create several spectacles of contemporary dance and theater, multimedia performances and installations, in the role of musician as well as actress and, at times, writer and art director. 

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